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Advisory Board

Rural PRO CARE is dedicated to community centered research and seeks feedback on strategies, priorities, and future directions from the communities we aim to support. Our advisory board is composed to keep us connected to this ideal by representing diverse rural health and content experts. In addition to network-wide advisory board members, each project has nominated a community member with expertise related to their project to the board.

Thomas Rea, MD, MPH

University of Washington

  • Professor, General Internal Medicine
  • Section Head, General Internal Medicine
  • Medical Director, King County Medic One

Katrina Ortblad, ScD, MPH

Fred Hutch

  • Assistant Professor, Cancer Research Program

Randall Longenecker, MD

Ohio University

  • Assistant Dean Emeritus Rural and Underserved Programs
  • Professor of Family Medicine

Amy Kennedy, MD, MS

University of Washington

  • Director of GMS Addiction Medicine Program, VA Puget Sound Healthcare System
  • VA Site Director, UW Addiction Medicine Fellowship

Chris Salyers, DHSc

National Organization of State Offices of Rural Health

  • Director of Programs & Evaluation

Jason Deen, MD

University of Washington

  • Faculty Director, Indian Health Pathway
  • Vice Chair, Equity Diversity Inclusion Pediatrics
  • Associate Professor of Pediatrics and Medicine at Seattle Children's and University of Washington Medical Center Montlake

Ryan Gilles, MD

University of Washington

  • Associate Program Director of Academic Operations, Kootenai Clinic Family Medicine Coeur d'Alene Residency
  • Clinical Associate Professor, University of Washington School of Medicine

Edwin Sharpe

  • Director of Research Procurement and Supply Chain Management Retired Duke University and Duke Health Systems

Davalyn Rope

White Mountain Apache Tribe

  • Community Health Representative Program Lead

Paul Gonzalez

Bay Area First Step

  • CADCI, CRMII Services & Outreach Director, Bay Area First Step Inc

Thomas Klobucar, PhD

  • SMSgt, USAF (Ret)
  • Retired Executive Director, US Department of Veterans Affairs Office of Rural Health